Take A Leap!!!
Save $25.00 On Your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning!
Secure Your February Cleaning Appointment by Calling AA Super Klean Today… You Will Save $25.00 On Your Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning!
Please Call 307-237-0750 by February 29, 2020

Hello friends and clients. It’s Paul your friendly carpet cupid …oops I mean cleaner. Too many people neglect their poor carpet this time of year, thinking they need to wait for sunny and spring days before they call me. Here are 4 reasons to love your carpet and utilize our extra day this month with it being a leap year:
  • You get first pick in my schedule!  
  • You will SAVE $25.00 on your cleaning!
  • Love your carpet and it will love you back with healthier indoor air!
  • Another reason to clean carpet in the winter is quicker drying times! (opposite of what most would think, the lack of humidity allows moisture to evaporate quicker making your carpet dry faster)!
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phone: (307) 237-0750
Offer Valid: February 1, 2020February 29, 2020
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