Greetings from the Ford Wyoming Center! I sincerely hope you’ve had a chance to enjoy an event here this summer. Whether you like country, rock, kids’ events or even dancing violinists, there’s been something for everyone at the Ford Wyoming Center this summer. 

As we head into a busy fall, I am writing today to ask for your help. In my eight months as General Manager here, I have had the pleasure of meeting many business owners and community members who are outstanding supporters of many, if not all, of the events that take place here in Casper. Time and time again, I’m told how valuable having the largest events center in the state right here in our backyard is not only to the business community, but also in enhancing the quality of life for everyone in Central Wyoming. 

For many years, the Ford Wyoming Center has been the home of the best and brightest of Broadway musicals. We are honored and excited to bring this kind of cultural entertainment to Casper and we would love to continue to do so for many years to come. Theatre holds a special place in the history of this venue and we strongly believe that this art form is still vitally important to our community. The art, process and effects of live performance are incredibly influential in our world of social media, digital technology and screens. Being fully present with a group of tangible, living, breathing people is essential to the human spirit. 

The stark reality of this kind of programming is that these shows are incredibly expensive to present. Most of these shows tour with a roster of 20-50 performers, a full production staff and multiple trucks full of equipment, costumes and scenery. With the opportunity to have these shows only perform once while they come through Casper, the financial burden of these shows is remarkably large. 

For the Ford Wyoming Center to be able to continue to offer this kind of show to our community, it is necessary for business owners and other individuals to support these shows through season ticket purchases and sponsorship. I’m asking today for you to consider one or both of these options to allow us to keep Broadway in Casper. 

The three shows we are presenting in 2024, Hairspray, Shrek the Musical and Annie, are outstanding productions and are the exact same shows that will also tour through cities like Denver, Salt Lake City, Houston, Dallas and Detroit. You have the opportunity to support these big-city shows here in your own backyard. 

It is my sincere belief that this kind of entertainment belongs in all communities and there is a small, yet grateful and vocal base of guests who attend these shows every year. Surely, you know four people who would love to see each of these shows, whether they be friends, employees or clients, and you have the opportunity to offer this unique and wonderful experience to them. 

Season tickets for all three shows start at just $110.00 per seat or $440.00 for a block of four. I encourage you to review the information attached to this letter or visit our website at If your business is interested in sponsorship one or all of these shows, please call me directly to discuss at 307-245-8448. 

Your support is vital for Broadway to remain alive and well in Casper and I’m grateful for any consideration you are able to give to help us continue to provide these shows to our community. 

Thank you and I will see you soon at the Ford Wyoming Center! 





Kirk Goodman 

General Manager 

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