CMIT Solutions can help if you're impacted by the Medicine Bow Technologies closure announcement.

Affected by the MBT closure?
It’s sad to hear when one of our local technology providers are closing their doors.  While we each have our own client base, we all have a common goal of keeping our clients secure and offering an excellent customer experience.
Having recently experienced a provider closing their doors on me, I understand the range of emotions that some might be going through.  It’s frustrating, scary and leaves one not knowing what steps to take next.
I would like to offer the following suggestions:
  • First, take a deep breath, there are other companies that will be able to help you with your technology needs and keep things running smoothly.
  • Start gathering vital information to help make the transition easier for everyone.  Make sure you have all the credentials to the systems you use.  MBT is a great company and will be able to help put this together with you.  Any specialize solutions that MBT has created should be looked at to see how it could be migrated to another solution.
  • Start the process of looking for a new partner early.  The more time you have to transition the less stressful things will be.  It will take longer than you think to move to a new partner so start soon.  Also, MBT resources are available today to work together with your new partner, the closer to the end of business date, that might not be the case.
CMIT Solutions of Wyoming would love to visit with you to learn more about your business and how we might be able to help fill this unforeseen situation.  We understand that CMIT may not be the right fit for everyone and that’s okay, we just want to help those affected and offer someone to talk to.  If we seem like a company you would like to learn more about, we’d love to share more about our solutions and help you work on a transition plan.  We would love to earn your business and fold you into our family of happy clients.
Please visit to learn a little more about us.
If you want to schedule a quick call with me, click here to grab my next available time.
 I’ve setup a special email address you can use as well –
I look forward to helping you with this unfortunate situation.
Let’s visit soon,
Steve Hendrickson
Managing Principal

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