Apprentice of the year 2021

Employer- Kenny Electric Services
Apprentice Year- 4th Year Apprentice. Well, I am a 3rd year to the state because I am lacking the OJT hours but in 4th year class.
I chose the Electrical field as a career path because I enjoy a good challenge and I found out from my previous career in construction that I really enjoyed working with electrical. For the past few years, electrical has become a passion of mine and I'm extremely grateful for choosing this path and being able to work side by side with a number of other great electricians. Having prior knowledge of the trade before fully committing to it had helped me truly accelerate my skills and become a mentor while doing so.
20 years from now, I see myself still in the electrical field enjoying what I do every day. I might go for my Masters license so I can eventually run a successful business of my own and that way I can become a greater teacher to upcoming apprentices and help them out with some of their struggles along the way. I will be helping the community in any way possible just trying to be a better person.
My greatest challenge in becoming an electrician has been trying to keep the balance between work life and home life. Having to leave your family for work is one of my most difficult things I have had to do. Having to travel for long periods and leaving your family behind and your child always asking why are not you home all the time is very difficult. However, I have always just pushed through it knowing at the end, it will be worth it. Between the long workdays and long school nights does not leave much time for family. So finding that balance was a very daunting task but not impossible to do.
I want to give great thanks to my wife, Elizabeth Lunstrum. She has been my rock through the highs and lows of this path so far. I know she will always be there by my side for me and keep me grounded when I need it. She has struggled alongside with me through everything these past few years but has made sure to keep pushing me so I will not fail. I also would like to thank Kendall Bywater. As a friend and co-worker, he may not have known it but I looked up to him as a mentor and he always helped me out anytime I asked for help. He also was one to keep pushing me along the way to stay focused and help me achieve my goals. One more thanks to my Father Daniel Lunstrum. He has been my greatest mentor and pushed me to my limit on everything I have done in my life. I am glad that he understood for me wanting to change careers and to try to better myself. Thank you all!

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