Poverty Resistance Food Pantry, 450 S. Wolcott, Casper, along with Wyoming Food for Thought Project (who did most of the leg work) and a little help from Joshua's Storehouse will distribute 1,000 USDA Farmer to Family food boxes on Friday, February 12. The Truck is due to arrive around 10 a.m. (We are going to need a lot of help unloading ) with a target of noon to start distributing the boxes. It is going to be REALLY cold --If you can volunteer show up around 10. a.m. If you are not going to volunteer but want a food box don't come until noon. This is a one-time opportunity. We are not asking for ID or income verification. If you can pick up extra for friends or relatives that will be ok. If you are associated with an agency or housing program and want to distribute directly to your clients, contact Mary Ann. Did I say we need a lot of volunteers to help unload? If you can volunteer or for more information, Email Mary Ann Budenske at mbudenske@aol.com,. call her at 307-215-4732 or PM her on Facebook.

Mary Ann Budenske  307-215-4732 mbudenske@aol.com

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