Posted: 11/21/2021

Position Title: 
Finance Coordinator / Human Resources 

Bachelor's degree (preferred) or demonstrated experience in accounting, 
budgeting, human resources and/or grant management. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and QuickBooks 

Reports to:
Executive Director

Description of agency: Mercer Family Resource Center is a non-profit social agency serving youth and their families in Natrona County. The primary task of the agency is the provision of services to strengthen and support families, with a special emphasis on adolescent issues and the prevention of substance abuse. Program goals are primarily accomplished through information dissemination, community education and consultation, provision of youth alternatives, community partnerships, and short-term counseling services focused at early intervention. 

Duties and responsibilities: 
I. Respect the confidential nature of agency information as referenced in the Mercer Family Resource Center Policy and Procedures manual.

2. Have a working knowledge of the agency and its programs.
3. Contribute creatively to program development, and strive to increase professional growth and job effectiveness through training, and by keeping abreast of current practices in relevant areas.
4. Work in a personable, professional way with the agency staff, clientele and others in the community, thus maintaining the respect and cooperation of agencies within the community.
5. Show insightfulness, judgment and professionalism in carrying out job duties and responsibilities.
6. Participate in Mercer Family Resource Center working subcommittees and task groups to further strategic planning and mission.
7. Carry out duties and responsibilities as assigned by the executive director in a timely professional manner.
8. Attend weekly staff meetings.
9. Perform the receptionist/ administrative assistant's duties when required.
10. Supervise receptionist/ administrative assistant as needed.
I I. Perform typing tasks, including office correspondence, grants and reports. .
12. Maintain Mercer Family Resource Center grant files to include current contracts, copies of completed expense billings, quarterly reports, correspondence, etc.
13. Know the funding sources and current grants (including contract period of each grant, who the
funding source is, what financial and statistical reports are due, when reports are due, to whom reports are sent, etc.).
14. Prepare and submit financial reports, statistical reports, and audits, monthly, quarterly and yearly, as required by each individual grant.
15. Assist executive director with applications for new grants.
16. Have a working knowledge of Mercer Family Resource Center budget and chart of accounts. Be
familiar with expenditures and balances in each category on a monthly basis.
17. Maintain a complete, systematic and balanced set of books covering income and expenses, including payroll taxes.
18. Record and deposit all receipts.
19. Maintain payable/expense files to include copies of checks, corresponding invoices for payment of monthly expenses, and pertinent backup documents.
20. Coordinate the payroll process, check writing, tax statements, financial reports, and program reports with outside accounting firm.
21. Assist executive director in the preparation of the agency budget.
22. Act as a liaison between Mercer Family Resource Center and outside bookkeeping agency.
23. Assist with yearly audit by providing appropriate financial records, and preparing letters as requested by auditor.
24. Maintain personnel files of staff, interns, contractual service providers and volunteers, including
documentation of training, certification and background checks when relevant.
25. Calculate an update monthly employee vacation and sick leave records.
26. Notify board members and other interested parties of all board and committee meetings and other
relevant meetings.
27. Attend board meetings and take minutes, type minutes and update agenda in conjunction with the
executive director, and distribute to board members by e-mail or postal service.
28. Assist in the coordination of agency programs by submitted timely updates.
29. Coordinate changes and updates to policy manual, including the approval process with the board of directors.

The above statements describe the general duties that constitute the work of the finance coordinator / human resources position and shall not be considered a complete description of the work requirements inherent in the position. 

To build a vibrant, prosperous business environment by providing integrated services and resources to members.

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